Should you choose Retreat for your holiday?


We are not a hotel with standard facilities but a family run Retreat set amongst beautiful natural setting surrounded by mountains, lush gardens and flowers. If you are looking for a place where you would be welcomed like at home, where every service is personally attended by hosts, enjoy beautiful nature and breath-taking views, be a part of Nature then Retreat will be your perfect choice. Our Family estate offers absolute privacy away from overcrowded coast so you can relax and enjoy your time away with your loved ones.

We have realized our dream – to create a small and intimate Retreat only in 2010. This project came to our mind after our extensive travel over the years (we have visited over 60 counties in the world). We have put our vision and experience together to create a very special place that would answer our personal understanding of what a quality holiday is about. We do believe that we have created a unique project in unique location. Without a problem, you would be able to find cheaper Hotels and Villas, more luxurious and expensive Hotels located right on the beach, close to boutiques and places to be and be seen. But you would find it difficult to find something like DDG Retreat. (We personally believe that true Spain is located away from overcrowded beaches and places of that sort. For us it is not just about business but our sincere desire to share this very special place with other people. We have put our heart and soul into Retreat – from the project itself to design and choice of music.
We run a family business which is very different from those giant hotel chains and designer places.

We always personally meet our guests (and not just the clients!), we know their names, find out their preferences, resolve any problems that may occur and offer any personal help that may arise during their stay.

But we would really not want you to make a wrong decision about the final choice of your holiday as all of us have our own preferences and habits.

So in order to avoid disappointment – Should you choose Retreat for your holiday?

You should choose us for your holiday if:
– You are tired of noisy and overcrowded touristic places with impersonal service.
– You find irritating the constant screams of someone else’s children by the pool and noisy neighbors next door.
– You don’t find the golden interior and ‘flash’ Hotels to be the real luxury and these aspects are not a necessity for your holiday. But you do appreciate the luxury of natural materials and return to nature.
– You don’t like to spend your holiday in overcrowded hotel chains with hundreds of other guests but you are looking for privacy on your own private territory to relax and escape the stressful work and life style.
– You love life and enjoy the stunning scenery, nature,  you like to smile and spoil yourself during your break.
– If you do enjoy the stunning sight of sun going down, love design and authentic decor from around the world.

We sincerely hope you will not make a wrong decision with your holiday and sincerely hope to welcome you with us.

Yours, Sasha and Olga
The owners